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Believe in magic….I do!

29 Oct




26 Oct



Dance to your own rhythm…..

19 Oct


Can’t sleep

17 Oct

Just one of those nights that u can’t sleep…..
Tossing and turning I sat up in bed,
Turned on the bedside lamp and propped a pillow behind my head.
A million thoughts were going on inside my mind
So many questions… Answers to which I just could not find.
KD is in Africa where Ebola is rampant
I tried hard to dissuade him but his spirits I could not dampen.
I also wondered if AJ got the sweets I sent him for Diwali and prayed his exams were going well.
I hoped GJ liked the outfit I got for her today, saw her pose and preen in it… I think she looked absolutely swell!
Then my thoughts went to missing Amigo, how much I miss him I alone know.
Going to be 9 months since he’s been gone, but I can feel his presence each time I think of him…. I wonder if I’ll ever get over losing him!
There were many little issues going on in my brain, when my eyes stated closing and I felt sleepy again.
I finally decided to put all my worries in the good Lords hands,
Had a sip of water… And lay my head to rest
Coz we all know worrying does not help and to follow Gods will is always the best!!


Life’s evolution

14 Oct