Article covering Trilogy of expressions

20 Jan

Thank you for the wonderful article covering “The trilogy of expressions”, Kiron Chopra!


Trilogy of expressions

20 Jan

20th Jan 2016… My first big show at Triveni kala sangam, with 2 amazing artists! Went of perfectly with the amazing support,love and encouragement of my family and friends!  


Thankyou HT City for you kind words x

19 Jan

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Believe in magic….I do!

29 Oct




26 Oct



Dance to your own rhythm…..

19 Oct


Can’t sleep

17 Oct

Just one of those nights that u can’t sleep…..
Tossing and turning I sat up in bed,
Turned on the bedside lamp and propped a pillow behind my head.
A million thoughts were going on inside my mind
So many questions… Answers to which I just could not find.
KD is in Africa where Ebola is rampant
I tried hard to dissuade him but his spirits I could not dampen.
I also wondered if AJ got the sweets I sent him for Diwali and prayed his exams were going well.
I hoped GJ liked the outfit I got for her today, saw her pose and preen in it… I think she looked absolutely swell!
Then my thoughts went to missing Amigo, how much I miss him I alone know.
Going to be 9 months since he’s been gone, but I can feel his presence each time I think of him…. I wonder if I’ll ever get over losing him!
There were many little issues going on in my brain, when my eyes stated closing and I felt sleepy again.
I finally decided to put all my worries in the good Lords hands,
Had a sip of water… And lay my head to rest
Coz we all know worrying does not help and to follow Gods will is always the best!!